Sunday, February 12, 2012


Kevin will be able to set me up with that magical machine that will project material about JR. Let's hope that works because it would be more interesting to talk about images which is what I want to do at the beginning of class tomorrow.

I'm assuming you have looked up his work and read what he chose to do with the Ted Prize in 2011. There's the possibility of doing a community project in connection with his work that we should talk about. Hopefully someone besides me will have looked into it.

I'll talk with those of you who I didn't connect with...and try to catch up with others. I'm hoping the camera problems have gotten ironed out. And I assume that you're well on your way with projects, unless your camera problems weren't solved.

Let me remind you, that you should at least make a brief note on each of these blog entries so that I know that you've been reading a sign-in sheet, similar to the lab book that you're writing your hours in...

AND APPLAUSE FOR SIMON WHO WROTE A COMMENT on the previous blog, ASKING ALL OF US TO LOOK AT HIS WORK ON FACEBOOK   SIMON.P PHOTOGRAPHY....      let's see how many of you have done that by tomorrow...   another hint about writing a comment and checking out who has written one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        (I just tried to look up Simon.P Photography on facebook and couldn't find it. Is it case sensitive?)

AND PLEASE CHECK OUT     STREAMINGALIFE.BLOGSPOT.COM  is Susan Landry's blog...she has joined the class long-distance. The entries that concern you are under the title "Workshop."

And a reminder that there's no class on the 20th..

I was listening to NPR while driving...and heard interesting comments about what very young students learn in good schools -- critical thinking, learned optimism, tenacity and problem solving. That's all supposed to be focused on in the early grades, but it seems to me that these involve life-long learning.  Obviously thinking out-of-the-box, defining goals, setting a pace of work, thinking about process as well as about product are other key concepts.    

I started thinking about the way you folks managed the one-page-fold book in relation to problem solving...

Obviously if you are taking four classes and working a job or two and want something like a social life, it is all really hard to balance...but you can still examine the ways you go about making an attempt to make sense of all you want to accomplish.


  1. I also could not find the facebook page


      I didn't know the page wasn't show up on the search. SO I post the link, I think that would be better.


    This site has some amazing street art! Check it out