Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thinking about

what various people said during the Monday class,, in no particular order and with no preferences (it's just information)..taken from my notes and they are NOT suggestions...but could be used.
    industrial images/metal/lines
   out of comfort zone
   unconventional places
   energy (some images, for me, are very energetic, charged, while others are calm, placid)
  being in control (either in the taking of photographs or the printing)
  stilling the hustle and bustle (makes me think of ground level photographs, stopping people in mid-step...which is another thing to think about.)
   adolescence (that was an area of interest for later, but it could be a subject of photographs. Having three or four adolescents take photographs of themselves, write about them, take pictures of them taking pictures, or separate portraits..write about memories of adolescence to use with images that don't necessarily relate.)
  (Or interviewing other students who are about to graduate..taking portraits, getting interviews of what they hope for/worry about/expect..blah and blah.)
   (Or interviewing other foreign students about their experiences, taking portraits..)
   landscape (how to make them interesting, find a way of viewing them that surprises us...could the landscapes be of miniatures? The only problem with this idea is that most people don't have access to macro lenses and can't get close enough to the subject...but it might work with a very wide-angle..
   glare (what we usually try to avoid by putting out hands up to shield the sun)
   cut outs (most people forget how interesting photograms can be...what an intense display that a grid of them would make...or how cut outs can be used while printing, a cardboard figure laid over the exposing printing paper..that would allow cartoons or narrative...)
   setting up scenarios
  explore and let the idea develop/take a lot of photographs to see where you want to go
  working hard for some surprise
  (paraphrase)..My work is fine, it may not be the best, but it's certainly not the worst (perspective)
  emotion..........(for my point of view, bland is not all that is hard to come by in photographs/confusion, darkness, frenzy are easier as abstractions. Dream like images or images of dreams.
For my own part, I decided to do one-page-fold books and contacted friends in various areas who will put them around for me. So far, the Cape, L.A., Tucson and N.Y. and I'm still asking.

So, after many tries, (mock-ups), i came up with this and took it on a flash drive to have 200 printed. After being so careful, I made one mistake which resulted in the photo on the front page being pushed over too far.

As a friend once said, things take 3 x's longer than you imagine
and as a lot of people say, nothing is perfect.

I'm going to go with it, in spite of flaw..
    That evening, after I got back from having it printed, I got the stomach virus, a fierce 6 hours and a couple of days of lying around. In the meantime, the cat threw up on the package of the first five or six are ruined.
   nothing is perfect..

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  1. I like the way your father's feet look. pale and vulnerable.
    And I like the suggestions for projects.