Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday - transient possession

 A friend just gave me three Untitled (transient Possessions), 1212, that she'd been given as part of an artist project that involves 500 unique images, one done drawn on in dark boston beer on tintoretto 300 gr paper.. and the other in ferrogallic ink on the same weight paper...

as a collaborative drawing by cesare pietroiusti and the visitors of the isabella steward gardner museum...distributed for free and subject to transient possession...

the holder of the ferrogallic drawing commits to give it away to the first person they meet who asks a question they don't know the answer to..and subsequent holders make the same agreement.     And the holders of the beer drawing commit to keeping it for three months and then giving it to someone who lives south of them, again accepting the conditions of temporary possession..

The drawing are signed by the artist who thought up this concept and by the visitors who did the drawings in beer or the iron ink....and each is numbered. On the back of the iron ink drawings is something else that's printed...Another example of a conceptual piece that involves giving away the art. These heavy sheets are slightly larger than a standard letter size, the iron ink drawings are slightly larger. I was given #'s 377, 319 and 341.

The friend who gave them to me had no idea that I would be so completely interested in this project.

The photo on the right is of shimmering reflections on the stove. I had no reason to take it except that I thought it was beautiful...not the photograph, but the shimmerings.

For quite a while, I'd say often over a period of months, I drew the contours of shadows of leaves and branches as they slowly passed over the sheet of BFK Reeves. I loved the drawings which, in no way, resembled leaves or branches.

Please don't bother to pay too much attention to Zoe Strauss's website...I will have the introduction from her book, "Ten Years" for you to read and that's important.

and, PLEASE BUY YOUR OWN PAPER IF YOU ARE PRINTING PHOTOGRAPHS. I always use Epson paper, and find the matte works well for what I do, though some people like gloss...


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  1. for the Feb. 5th assignment, i have posted the rough draft of my project on a blog. (i already had a blog, so will title any posting on my blog that has to do with this class "WORKSHOP".) you are all invited to visit my blog and make comments! i look forward to reading about your projects, too. this is exciting...

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